PS3JB - PS3 Jailbreak for TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition - Firmware Compatibility AppVars

Firmware Compatibility AppVars

Existing AppVars

The following is a list of firmware compatibility AppVars I've already created for you to use:

File Format

The firmware compatibility AppVars are created the same way that payload AppVars are -- through the use of a .bin file of data and the To8XV converter application.

The format of these AppVars is as follows:

* [jig response size (2 bytes, Little Endian!)] [jig response data]
* [descriptor size (2 bytes, Little Endian!)] [device 4 configuration descriptor 3 data]

The entries with asterisks are required. Others may be added in the future; they are NOT required, but you MUST have an entry there with a size of zero.

An example of a .bin file with this data is here.